IKEA Murphy Bed

For a lot of people, space is a real issue where they live, either because they have small living quarters or because they have more demands on the space they have. Not everyone can have a bedroom left permanently empty in a state of readiness to receive guests for example. People need room for their work, computers, hobbies, children! In a time where more people are choosing to stay where they are and try to maximize the space they have, rather than trying to buy something larger and more expensive, a IKEA Murphy bed makes sense.

IKEA Murphy Bed

Murphy beds, or wall beds, are a great solution to several space problems people are often faced with. Questions like how to have a study to work home from and have a place where guests can sleep? How to have a place to receive guests in without them all having to see your bed in your studio apartment? How to create a play room for the children so they stop trashing your living room but still have somewhere to sleep! A Murphy bed means you can have a room that have dual purposes, meet whatever daytime needs you have, and then easily pull down a bed at night when it is needed and when combined with IKEA furniture like book shelves, you have a stylish Murphy bed.

murphy bed from IKEA

Looks to suit everyone

These folding or space saving beds come in a large variety of styles and designs so that you can find something that suits your taste. Even smaller rooms can take one, in the day it could just look like wood paneling or a closet depending on the selection you went for. They can fold up into the wall leaving you the floor space available to make the room more functional. Instead of having a desk crammed into your living or dining room you can use that other bedroom as a study but still ready to be converted back into a bedroom as easily as pulling down the bed.

Keep the kids happy

A IKEA murphy bed makes sense too if you have children and you need more play space for them. Some people can take up a separate room as a child only zone but some of us cannot. And beds take up a lot of space especially in the smaller rooms, leaving not much space for them to do anything in there other than sleep. Give them a bed they will love, one that goes into their wall! You do not have to worry about them jumping on the bed or unmaking it either as it is out of the way. Rather than having a normal looking murphy bed, go for murphy bed IKEA for a modern version of the murphy bed.

Quality materials

When choosing a Murphy bed try to go for designs that not only offer comfort and style but that are also made from quality materials. This way you can trust that the bed is as comfortable as a regular bed, and also very importantly safe to be used. There are a variety of woods you could choose, pine is a common option but there is also birch, alder, cedar, oak, cherry and mahogany. Going for something of quality will affect the price but in this case that price is worth it.

wall bed

In terms of materials, options like deluxe down, vinyl, soft leather and polar fleece are examples and for greater comfort a mattresses in rubber foam might be something to consider. You can wash them if you need to and you can also get them to be water repellent if spills are a worry.

Get additional storage

Another bonus to opting for a IKEA Murphy bed is that you could choose from several options of side cabinets or drawers. These are designed so that they are a part of the bed’s structure and are completely secure when it is time to lower the bed to the floor. Storage is something nearly everyone could use more of, especially in a child’s bedroom. You could for example use this option to store their bedding so that other furniture can be used for their toys.

Customization is possible

If you have some design ideas in mind and want something more customized, there are some suppliers who can do this for you. This way you can get something that perfectly fits in with the theme of the room. Contact stores and take the time to visit showrooms so that you can see the bed’s in action and test them out.


Wall beds are becoming more popular across Northern America for good reasons. They offer a great chance for more versatility in your home, and give those with less space more options. Interestingly it is not just in homes and apartments that IKEA Murphy beds make sense. Offices are using them to give their workers a place to sleep when those late nights occur, the same in hospitals, hospices and other places where people end up working long hours.

If you should head down this route,  make sure that you have the room to have one and think about how the rest of the furniture will work with it. Talking to a IKEA specialist is important so that you can check things like measurements, design, style and materials.