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Bunk Beds with Stairs

This article explores why some buyers prefer bunk beds with stairs to those more traditional types with ladders and then will show a selection of possible options of what to buy. If you have not bought or looked into the bunk bed market in recent years you will be surprised and possibly confused now by the amount of choice you have. There are a lot more features and options to choose from and the age range of bunk beds has opened hugely. Where once it may have been young children and those in college using them, now there are bunk beds for toddlers all the way up to elegant and contemporary designs adults would enjoy. But perhaps the biggest choice is whether to choose one with a ladder or one with stairs.

Why Bunk Beds With Stairs Are Better Choice

A bunk bed with stairs is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of a ladder you have a small staircase to go up to get to the top bunk. The main advantage to this style is the ease and safety, especially if the person up top needs to get up in the night for any reason. This style though does take up more room than a traditional style bunk bed and you do pay a lot more for it. That cost though is worth it if it allows you to sleep at night without worrying about your child getting hurt on the ladder.

The fact is as fun as a ladder might be initially, more accidents could happen with it, and for older kids and adults they are not comfortable to use! Going up a few stairs is a lot less pain on the soles of your feet. Ladders are also challenging for anyone who is overweight, stairs are not. During the night when the child is half asleep, or in the morning having just woken up and not being at their most attentive, accidents can happen. A fall from a ladder is more likely than a fall on the stairs.

Other people who might opt for bunk beds with stairs rather than ladders are those with a fear or concern over heights, children who are weaker than normal perhaps from an illness, or the elderly. Also keep in mind even if your child would be okay on the ladder, will you? Most parents like to tuck their kids in, read a story and kiss them goodnight. If you have joint problems, weakness in the hands, a concern with heights or a little extra weight you are going to not want to be going up and down a ladder. Therefore bunk beds with stairs make a better choice.

Another reason for choosing stairs over ladder is just the visual appeal. The former style tends to be made of solid wood and can look sturdier and more like a piece of furniture you want in the house for years to come. Whereas a bunk bed with a ladder is definitely more for the young generation, one with stairs can be used as a guest bed without worrying about how it looks or feels.

Finally a top reason for going with stairs is the extra storage the usually comes with it. The stairs themselves can be drawers that can be pulled out, and then down the side of the bed there can be shelving or more drawers. Storage is something we can all use more of, especially in kid’s bedrooms with all their toys and books and clothes. A bunk bed with stairs solves several issues at once, storage, where to sleep more than one person as safely as possible, and if you opt for other features you may get a desk in there too! Here is a look at a few of the many options out there.

Top 5 Bunk Beds With Stairs

Merlot Twin Staircase Bunk with Trundle

This is a lovely example of bunk beds with stairs with a twin over a twin and then a trundle for a third sleeping space in case of sleepovers. It is a solid piece of furniture made from pine and the slat kit comes included. If you do not need an additional sleeping space, there are other options like drawers for storage. Its dimensions are 98.5 x 63 x 41 inches and it weighs 264 lbs. A bonus to this stairway bunk bed is that the two beds can be separated and used individually if at some point you want to take down the bunk bed, though obviously the upper bed will have a space at the bottom where the stairs once went.


It comes with a magazine rack and there are matching accessories you can add to it for additional costs. Reviewers say the trundle needs a mattress of 51/2 inches thickness and as well as being useful for sleepovers it is also rolled out by parents of younger children who may roll out of the bottom bunk during the night. As mentioned bunk beds with stairs are larger and heavier than most ladder style bunk beds and therefore they usually take longer to put together. This piece would need at least adults working on it and plan on spending about 3 hours at least on it. It has a nice finish too. Be aware that other buyers have mentioned that the top bunk would not take the weight of someone much over 200lbs.

Berg Utica Twin over Twin Trifecta Loft 3 Beds with Stairs and Storage

The first bed reviewed had a trundle for a third sleeping space, but in case you want a third sleeping area on a permanent and more comfortable basis here is a triple bunk bed with stairs. Those stairs can be placed either end of the bed depending on the layout of the room it is going in, it is easy to look after and scratch resistant so great for kids that are going to get boisterous in it. The weight limit per bed is 250lbs meaning many adults could sleep in it too. You need to purchase mattresses yourself and the top bunk needs one at 6” or less for safety reasons. Its dimensions are 74.5″ H x 80″ W x 96″ D and its weight is 650lbs.

In the picture you can see a bookshelf, hanging shelf and a four drawer dresser but be aware these are not actually included with the bunk bed but are additional features you can purchase. It takes at least 2 people to assemble and goes better if you have some of your own tools including a powered screwdriver. Also keep in mind this is made from engineered wood, not a solid wood bunk bed.

NE Kids School House Twin Stair Loft with Chest End

ne-kids-bunkThis lovely bunk bed with stairs has a handrail to hold on as the stairs are used so that anyone using the upper bunk is safe when going up or down. It has a twin sized bed for the top bunk and the lower bunk can be a twin also or you can choose to have a full sized lower bunk bed. This style is especially great if there is one older and one younger child or if the bottom bed is going to be used by one or two adults. It also offers a lot of storage options with the stairs as drawers, a five drawer chest and two bookshelves. In the picture it is a wooden finish but you can get it both darker and in white. Its dimensions are 60″ H x 57.5″ W x 41.25″ D. You would need to put this bed in a room that has plenty of space so you can access the storage and have enough room for the bed to come out into.

Berg Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

Technically this next option is a loft bed as there is only one sleeping space and the lower section is more storage and a desk. This is to show that loft beds too come with stair options as well as ladders and even single kids, teenagers or students could benefit from having a bed like this. Easy and safe to access the upper bunk still but with two chests with drawers, stair drawers, a desk with a keyboard tray and cubby holes in the side of the stairs to display knickknacks or hold books. This piece of furniture puts several items into one which could be a great way to maximize space in a room as well as save money on unnecessary furniture.

The construction is sturdy and safe and it is easy to clean and resistant to scratches. The stairs can be placed either side of the desk depending on your preference. It is though just made from engineered wood not solid wood. Also that useful top shelf that acts as a bedside table does not come with the bed and has to be purchased separately. Dimensions are 67″ H x 96″ W x 54″ D and its weight is 778lbs. With that kind of weight, be sure to have at least two people assembling it.

Tall Twin over Full Futon Mission Honey Stairway Bunk Bed with Drawers

The final option we have here is something with more flexibility than the others so far. This is a twin bed over a futon. This means when not in use to sleep on as a full sized bed the lower section can be in seated position and act as a chair/couch where someone can play games from, read, use their phone and so on. It is a solid wood construction and the stair to the upper bunk can be placed at either end. The reason we mention that in the review is that that not all bunk beds with stairs have the option of choosing where to place the stairway so be sure to check on this. You also still get some additional storage with the stair drawers and the two drawers underneath. The dimensions are 104 x 44.5 x 67 inches and it weighs 325lbs.


Completed in a style that does not get outdated this would look good in a spare room, as a child or teenagers bed or even as part of the bedroom in a small apartment. Mattresses do not come with the purchase, the top bunk needs a twin sized mattress and the futon needs a full sized futon mattress. It is not as heavy as some bunk beds with stairs and is fairly easy to assemble. The futon is easy to move into either seated or sleeping position. Some reviews do say though that the futon when in seated position is slightly higher off the ground than most regular futons.


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