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Murphy Bed Plans

For people who live in small spaces like studio apartments for example or those who are trying to deal with the challenge of creating guest sleeping space in a place with limited bedrooms you may wish to learn about the Murphy bed. A Murphy bed is the type of bed that folds up into the wall when not in use and then easily pulls down when needed. They can also be called a fold down bed, a wall bed or a pull down bed. The Murphy comes from the inventor who put a patent on this style of bed. While the idea of starting such a project may cause you some concern it is something to consider taking on, or hiring someone with the skills to take it on for you! There are advantages to getting a Murphy bed plan to use which we will cover in this article as well as some tips on how to get the right Murphy bed plan for you.

Plans for DIY Murphy Bed

If your main living space is also your sleeping space you can fold up your bed out of the way during the day giving you space to live, have guests and move around. If you need space for guests to sleep but also need to use that room for another purpose the rest of the time you can get a Murphy bed plan so that you have that bed space when needed, but it avoids having wasted guest room space that would otherwise go unused. Even those living in a house of average size could take advantage of a Murphy bed plan. Here are some things to think about to help you choose the right plan for you.


Design and style

When looking at plans you want to find one that offers you several options in design style not just for the bed itself but also on the other side when the bed is folded away. This might include having book cases, shelves or even a desk as well as things like decorative paneling that blends in with the rest of the furniture. Good plans offer users the opportunity to have some customization options in their build.

Easy to follow

This is not a simple couple of hour’s project anyone can take on. You need to have some handy man skills but you still want the instructions to be easy to follow so that your average crafts person can follow them without having to make any compromises or alterations or even worse guesses! Step by step instructions that are written well, some diagrams when needed and possible alternative techniques that may be suitable for those who are interested.

A safe design

Very importantly you want a bed that will last, can be raised and lowered easily and safely without breaking down or falling on anyone. Materials should not be cheap, particularly for the mechanism itself and for the frame.

Good customer support

Make sure when getting a Murphy bed plan that it is from a place that offers support should you need it. There should be a contact by email and phone that you can reach if you have concerns, questions or problems.

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